Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Well

There was an old well on this property - actually there are two but I'll talk about the other one some other time. Anyway the guy who lived here used this well. He had a bucket and rope. So we would like to continue to use this well for yard and garden water.

First of all we had to knock down the old structure around the well. Then Bryan dug up around it until the actual well was exposed. It is a very cool looking well. R says it looks like "The Ring" which I haven't seen but I'll take her word for it. I wish I knew who built it and when. Bryan and D cleared it out and leveled it out so we could have a concrete vault delivered and set into it. This vault will house the pump. Now Bryan is working on putting in the pipes and pump and the hydrants.

You'll also notice that the 'house' is completely gone and the hole filled in.
(demolition of basement)

(truck is sitting where house used to be)

So Far So Good

Well, we went to the meeting with KCPL and my fears are greatly relieved. (Thank you, Lord.) One option IS on our land - across the north edge - but it isn't the only option and it certainly isn't the best option. They actually have lines already that could just be upgraded. Doesn't that sound like the best option? Anyway even if they build on our land - which we don't want just to be clear - it wouldn't mean that we could not build. So we move forward.