Wednesday, July 27, 2011

JULY 27 -- DAY 15 -- More Concrete - the Basement Walls are Poured

Today was another busy day of concrete trucks coming in.

The garage was poured first.

Now on to the house

It takes a big crew to do this

The porch columns

Trucks waiting in line - I think there was 12 concrete trucks come in today!

Days 9 through 14, July 21-26

Our original plans were drawn up to use ICFs for our basement. ICFs are forms for concrete that stack like legos, then you leave the entire form in place and it creates it's own interior and exterior insulation that way. Well, great idea, but it just didn't work out for us.

So we are going the traditional concrete form way of building basement walls. After Wednesday's pour of the footings, Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday were spent setting up the forms.

This is the porch.

This is the garage.

You can see the door to the saferoom in this picture.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20 -- DAY EIGHT -- Concrete!

The calm before the storm. I went out to mow around 6:30 this morning. 
There were people there working but it was pretty quiet.

But soon the crown arrived and we things were happening quickly.
Here they are getting the pump set up.

The first load of concrete arrives.

The trucks move into line.

Starting to flow

Porch foundation is coming along.

It was a long, hot day but much was accomplished!

July 18 & 19

The foundation people have arrived and have started to build frames for the foundation.

It looks like a maze . . . .

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 14 - A Basement Comes into View

We are beginning to see the shape of things to come.

and a few feet away . . .

This evening we enjoyed sitting on the 'porch'   :-)

 I tried out the view from the excavator

Building A House: July 13 - GROUNDBREAKING!


The excavator finished marking out the site and began to dig. The girls and I pulled up lawn chairs and watched. I am sad to see the green field go away but excited to see this project begin.