Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 20 & 21 -- Days 70 & 71

Tuesday, the 20th, the framers worked on the interior walls. It is great to see the rooms become reality and get a sense of the space and the flow.
Looking towards the stairs with the library and the fireplace to the right.

To the left is the laundry room.

Looking toward the kitchen and front door

The stairs can now be used!

Then on Wednesday, the steel beams for the second floor were brought in and placed.

And since the second floor trusses aren't here yet, they began working on the porch.
This is the screened porch.

This is a small porch off of the laundry room.

I also met with the plumber who told me that I cannot have a clawfoot tub :(
The rough-in isn't right for it and since it is in the concrete (the only tub is in the basement), I can't change it now. Some things you just have to figure out early in the process! I wasn't on top of that one.
R standing in the pantry. Wow! Look at all that space!

Now I'm off to research other bathtub options.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WALLS GOING UP -- Monday, September 19, Day 69

Rainy weekend but beautiful today! So onward and UPward!
The front of the house . . .

The front wall coming up . . .

Against the sunset

Looking toward the kitchen and the front door without any interior walls in place.

The gallery

The view from my kitchen window.

Friday, September 16, 2011

September 15 - Day 65

The heavy equipment returned yesterday to do the backfill.

I discovered volunteer cantaloupe growing here!

Still painting . . .
and painting . . .
and all these still to be painted . . .

But the walls are going up.

September 13 - DAY 63 - A Funny Coincidence

We got our building permit on June 13, broke ground on July 13, poured the floor concrete on August 13 and today, September 13,  the first walls went up!

These are walls.                 
These are not.

September 12 - Day 62 - Garage Gets Shingles

Today the roofers came and put the shingles on the garage.

And the trim boards came so we started painting. It was a moonlight painting session.

September 10 - Day 60 - The Floor Trusses are In!

September 8 - DAY 58 - Things are picking up

The floor trusses arrived late Tuesday night, September 6, so it wasn't until Wednesday that things got started.The weather has been so beautiful that I've tried to take advantage of it and go for walks whenever I am out there and really enjoy the weather and the scenery.

Everything is blooming

R and the dog choose the 4 wheeler over walking.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Slow Week

We've had a slow week at the building site. It took a little longer than originally thought to get the measurements etc. just right for the floor trusses so at this point it looks like they won't be ready until next Tuesday. That means a whole week of quiet on the job site.

Last weekend Bryan trenched for power lines and we all helped him put in conduit. A bigger job that we thought but it is done now.

The roofer came out and we picked out the shingles. He will be roofing the garage next week. So things should pick up quickly after the Labor Day holiday.

I have been pouring over sinks, tubs, faucets etc. trying to get things picked out before we get too far along. Having the internet makes the choices almost limitless and it is taking me a lot longer than I thought to make decisions.