Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December and Cold Weather Have Arrived

December is here! Wow  --  time is flying by. The retaining wall guys are working. It is bitter cold so not much fun to be out there. I think it is actually colder in the house than outside!

Last Friday the painter finished up the last of the "car siding" boards. [I helped] Hooray! That was a lot of boards! If you look to the back of the shed past the 'drying rack,' you see the stacks and stacks of boards.

I am trying to get a few things figured out before the drywall comes in. Things like: do we want central vac? and how about an audio system? and the security system? and TV and phone lines? do we need a phone line? What kind of internet is available out there? All things that might be nice to have figured out while the walls are open.

Yesterday I had to go to the county courthouse. Apparently our permit did not include a finished basement. So I had to get that corrected. We also had some issues with the city and the county arguing over who was responsible for our address when the security company calls. No one was claiming us! But I think we got that fixed by changing our address.

Then we went to a flooring place and were thoroughly overwhelmed by options in flooring! They are really pushing prefinished wood floors but there aren't as many color options with prefinished. None of these decisions seems to be easy. Just when you think you know what you want someone throws you a new curve.

Today I spent time with the cabinet guy. He brought me a sample of the cabinet door in white oak. I am excited! Some of the kitchen will be stained white oak and other parts will be painted cabinets. But there are still so many decisions to make. I have discovered the website Pinterest can be very useful for pulling together things that I like.