Thursday, December 2, 2010

Slow Down

We were supposed to meet with our architect this evening but he has postponed for the second time now. It gets a bit disappointing. Makes me wonder if we have been put on the back burner because he has bigger projects. I am anxious to see some more detailed plans. Of course I have to take my share of the blame. I did request a few changes awhile back and he says he is working on those. So . . . . patience prevails.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Well

There was an old well on this property - actually there are two but I'll talk about the other one some other time. Anyway the guy who lived here used this well. He had a bucket and rope. So we would like to continue to use this well for yard and garden water.

First of all we had to knock down the old structure around the well. Then Bryan dug up around it until the actual well was exposed. It is a very cool looking well. R says it looks like "The Ring" which I haven't seen but I'll take her word for it. I wish I knew who built it and when. Bryan and D cleared it out and leveled it out so we could have a concrete vault delivered and set into it. This vault will house the pump. Now Bryan is working on putting in the pipes and pump and the hydrants.

You'll also notice that the 'house' is completely gone and the hole filled in.
(demolition of basement)

(truck is sitting where house used to be)

So Far So Good

Well, we went to the meeting with KCPL and my fears are greatly relieved. (Thank you, Lord.) One option IS on our land - across the north edge - but it isn't the only option and it certainly isn't the best option. They actually have lines already that could just be upgraded. Doesn't that sound like the best option? Anyway even if they build on our land - which we don't want just to be clear - it wouldn't mean that we could not build. So we move forward.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Glitches Allowed!

Last week we received a letter from KCPL telling us that they plan to build high voltage power lines on or near our property and would like us to attend a meeting to learn more and give our input. WHAT?! This just cannot be happening! I am trying very hard not to be stressed out since we really don't know anything but they could totally ruin our dreams and this beautiful acreage with two words:  eminent domain.

Today we met with our architect and went over the drawings once again. Then we went out to the site and did a quick stake out of the site. Nothing official  --  just putting some visual markers on the property to get some idea where the house will be and what great views we will have from the various rooms! It is so beautiful out there. I spent some time walking around and B and I spent a good deal of time riding around on the four-wheeler. It would be such a loss to have a place this beautiful ruined by power lines.

I am trusting God. He knows what is best for us. He has our best interest in His plan and His plans are to prosper us not to harm us. So that said, I am trying very hard not to worry.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making the most of this beautiful weather

We've had so many absolutely beautiful days this fall. It has been great for getting things cleaned up on the land but also great for bonfires and cookouts. Chillier this week than last but still very beautiful.

We continue to tear out old fences that criss cross the acreage and Saturday while I was out of town, Bryan knocked down the old house. I wanted to be there but he was ready to get the job done. It is now a flat, 30x30 "stage" ready for a barn dance :) He and the kids and a neighbor have worked hard to stack up all the lumber and tonight we will start pulling nails. Since it wasn't really a house - just a shell, the lumber is in pretty good shape and he thinks with a little work we can have some good lumber for building a shed or workshop. I should mention that over the summer the kids used this building as a canvas for murals :) They were awesome - but alas, they exist only in photos now.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Design Dilemmas

September 22
We met with the architect again on a Wednesday night and he showed us his design for a beautiful house. It was alot to take in and it took me awhile to even absorb it all. I woke up several times during the night thinking about the house. It wasn't my house. It wasn't the house I designed. I kept thinking "what about . . ." and in the morning I told B. that I wasn't happy with the design as it was and proceeded to point out all the things that I did not like. He told me I needed to be telling these things to the architect. So I let myself think about it a day, then I emailed the architect with a list of things from my original design and why I did this and that and how I wanted them in the new design. Within a few hours he called (thankfully B answered the phone) and we set up another meeting for Sunday.

Sunday began with a detailed account of all that was wrong with my original design which I really didn't need to hear - and actually some things weren't wrong, he just misunderstood my intent. But that was all beside the point. We needed to find ways to make a plan that we were all happy with. We made several changes to his original design. We worked over several ideas and hopefully we come up with something that works. This all makes me nervous. I want this house and I want to love it.

October 4
The new drawings arrive via email on this Monday. B. left for Denver early so I forwarded the email to him. I printed them out and studied them and he and I talked over the phone awhile. We had discussed earlier that the floor plan was too big. We were trying to stick to 3500 sf and the first plan was almost 4000. This one was slightly over 4000!

I called the architect and my daughter, R., and I met with him on October 6. We discussed ways to cut out square feet and get closer to 3500. I think we arrived at a point we could live with. Now we wait for more drawings to be emailed.

The weather has been so perfect and amazingly beautiful that we spend alot of time out on the land. In fact R. and some of her friends had a party out there last night. It was so nice. Just perfect. I am getting very anxious to be living out there.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Deal Struck!

On August the 18th we received a proposal from our architect. We met with him a few days later and discussed the proposal and looked over an example of construction plans to get an idea of what all he would be doing. We discussed price and came to an agreement. Then on August 31 we signed the proposal and gave him a down payment! We are off and running! Exciting and scary all at the same time.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We met with an architect today. He looked over my floorplans and we talked about our needs and desires and ideas. We also drove out and looked at the property. He is going to write up a proposal and if we can agree on a price, we will move forward with the design phase. I gave him my entire notebook of ideas and pictures.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A bundle of nerves

We spoke with the architect on the phone and now we are going to meet with him on Sunday afternoon! I am so excited! I don't know what all we are going to talk about but I know I have to show him my floor plan! I am so nervous but also so excited! This could be the first step of my house becoming a reality! Wow!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Starting out on our new adventure

After many years of thinking, hoping and praying, we are finally taking the first steps to realizing a dream. We bought 50+ acres in April and have been working hard to clean it up and prepare to build a house there. There are so many things to consider, so many things to do. But here goes . . .

I have been working on houseplans for some time now and this week I will be talking to an architect for the first time.