Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Taste of Spring

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day -- 78 degrees! Bryan took the day off and we burned off the grass. The area that was burned before is so nice and green now. But that fire was out of control and no fun. We had multiple fire trucks "help" out. Yesterday we were prepared. We had great help (neighbors) and we had lots of water in sprayers on the two four wheelers. It went fast and smooth. We were done by noon. Yea!

We are busy getting a handle on so many different aspects.  Bryan is working on the septic system, among other things. We have to have an engineer design the system and that design has to be approved along with the plans to get a building permit. We had one soil test done but now we think we want the septic in other area so we may need to do another one. The other holdup on the building permit is the water. This property does not have water access other than the well. I'm going to get the well water tested just to see what the quality is, but we hope to get water from the rural water district eventually.

We have several people sending in bids on various aspects: excavating, framing, windows . . . and we also have people calling us wanting to bid. Mostly they are getting our name and number from the lumber yards I think.

I filled out the online Design Request Form on the Viega website today. They make a system for radiant floor heat. I would really like to use this system and hopefully avoid as much forced air heat as we can although we will have a backup systemthat is forced air. As someone who suffers from allergies, I hate forced air heat.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring is Almost Here

I thought the snow would never go away but for now it is gone and it looks like spring even if it doesn't feel like it yet. We are having some difficulty getting our plans done. Not sure why - but it seems to be just plain old procrastination. We are wanting to get bids and we just don't have all the things we need from the architect. Time to push forward.

We have talked to a lot of people over the last few weeks. Mainly Bryan has I should say. Contractors, suppliers, people who recently built houses etc. etc. We are working on getting accounts set up and figuring out costs - which is pretty scary. We knew some things would be really expensive and as we find out just how expensive we may have to adjust our wants accordingly.  I know we can't afford to have everything so we have to set priorities. There is so much to think about.