Saturday, November 19, 2011

Siding, Porch Columns -- November 19 -- Day 130

Things were pretty busy for a Saturday. A neighbor came by and cut some fire wood. The framers, who are almost done, worked on the siding and the porch. The electrician was there and we walked through the house planning all the lights and outlets. The HVAC guys worked digging some more trenches. Bryan cooked brats on the grill and fed anyone who would eat.

siding done on the south side  --  this siding looks really good -- I love the color!
It is James Hardie cement board siding in Mountain Sage.
siding is going on the garage and the trim is getting painted
working on the columns
stucco was done yesterday
more stucco
more siding

siding on the front of the garage
the columns take shape  -- I love the way these columns look!
the front porch -- awesome columns! Think how great they will look with the stone on the bottom!
this is the "car siding" that goes on the ceiling of the porch
it all has be too be painted before it can be put up :(


  1. I love the two green colors. Green is the color of growth! So excited for your home to be completed. Do you think it will be by the end of the year?

  2. We are hoping to be able to move in sometime in the spring - perhaps April.