Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Day! -- Day 135

So much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day. And to start with, the beautiful weather! So beautiful in fact that peole are working!! Including us . . .

stone masons are working on the stone columns and screened porch

we worked with the painter to get the car siding painted

wish I could say we were done

Here is my housebuilding Thanksgiving thankful list:

Airless paint sprayers and the painter that made the day a whole lot easier
Blueprints -- even though they are no longer blue
Cement -- many, many truckloads
Digger who did such a nice job excavating
Electricians who are lighting the way
Framers who came to a hole in the ground and left a house in it's place
Great weather since we broke ground
Hardie cement siding -- prepainted of course
I-beams made of steel
Justin boots
Knowledgeable sales people helping me pick stuff out
Mechanical guys doing the HVAC
Natural beauty of this building site
Overalls -- Carhartt overalls -- that I will soon need
Plumbers laying out the lines
Questions that get answered
Roofers who topped it all off
Stone masons who worked on Thanksgiving Day!
Trusses in all shapes and sizes
Under budget anything
Veranda -- another word for porch -- beautiful word, beautiful place
Windows that are awesome
Xtra talented people helping us every step of the way
You -- I'm very thankful for anyone who reads this blog!
Zoom lens on my camera :)

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