Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12 -- Day 336 -- Craftsman Style From the Trim Carpenters

The trim carpenters have been very busy for several weeks now:
 Window and door trim

They are putting in my doors.

And building my library shelves. This is them mid stream.

And the library fireplace in process.

And the closets . . .

And the stair treads and railing.
These stairs are beautiful!
I know they have been time consuming for the carpenters,
but they look so fabulous.

This is the library shelves completed. They are all oak.
This picture is too dark and you can't tell how great they look,
but this room will look amazing.

We have also had the painters out working on the outside.

They painted the ceilings on the porch.

Bryan and I have been out there working a lot as well.
I am the clean up crew and general go-fer.
I also get to answer all the questions everyone has!
And I have been picking out cabinet hardware.
For some reason I can only do one room at a time :)

This was Monday morning at 7am  --  putting down backer board.
We were out there until 9:30 Sunday night and didn't get to this job.

There is lots more going on but I will quit for now and try to be back soon!

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