Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December and Cold Weather Have Arrived

December is here! Wow  --  time is flying by. The retaining wall guys are working. It is bitter cold so not much fun to be out there. I think it is actually colder in the house than outside!

Last Friday the painter finished up the last of the "car siding" boards. [I helped] Hooray! That was a lot of boards! If you look to the back of the shed past the 'drying rack,' you see the stacks and stacks of boards.

I am trying to get a few things figured out before the drywall comes in. Things like: do we want central vac? and how about an audio system? and the security system? and TV and phone lines? do we need a phone line? What kind of internet is available out there? All things that might be nice to have figured out while the walls are open.

Yesterday I had to go to the county courthouse. Apparently our permit did not include a finished basement. So I had to get that corrected. We also had some issues with the city and the county arguing over who was responsible for our address when the security company calls. No one was claiming us! But I think we got that fixed by changing our address.

Then we went to a flooring place and were thoroughly overwhelmed by options in flooring! They are really pushing prefinished wood floors but there aren't as many color options with prefinished. None of these decisions seems to be easy. Just when you think you know what you want someone throws you a new curve.

Today I spent time with the cabinet guy. He brought me a sample of the cabinet door in white oak. I am excited! Some of the kitchen will be stained white oak and other parts will be painted cabinets. But there are still so many decisions to make. I have discovered the website Pinterest can be very useful for pulling together things that I like.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Porch Columns -- November 28 -- Day 139

I went out to the job site at 10 this morning. No one was working as it was very muddy. The sun was shining and it was beautiful, but kind of cold without gloves. I mucked around in the mud taking all these pictures of my awesome porch. Obviously I am very enamored with my porch columns! One of the neighbors called it a "veranda." I like it. Reminds me of a few great novels.

Bryan told me that he was out there later and the stone guys were there finishing up, so already these photos are outdated.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Day! -- Day 135

So much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day. And to start with, the beautiful weather! So beautiful in fact that peole are working!! Including us . . .

stone masons are working on the stone columns and screened porch

we worked with the painter to get the car siding painted

wish I could say we were done

Here is my housebuilding Thanksgiving thankful list:

Airless paint sprayers and the painter that made the day a whole lot easier
Blueprints -- even though they are no longer blue
Cement -- many, many truckloads
Digger who did such a nice job excavating
Electricians who are lighting the way
Framers who came to a hole in the ground and left a house in it's place
Great weather since we broke ground
Hardie cement siding -- prepainted of course
I-beams made of steel
Justin boots
Knowledgeable sales people helping me pick stuff out
Mechanical guys doing the HVAC
Natural beauty of this building site
Overalls -- Carhartt overalls -- that I will soon need
Plumbers laying out the lines
Questions that get answered
Roofers who topped it all off
Stone masons who worked on Thanksgiving Day!
Trusses in all shapes and sizes
Under budget anything
Veranda -- another word for porch -- beautiful word, beautiful place
Windows that are awesome
Xtra talented people helping us every step of the way
You -- I'm very thankful for anyone who reads this blog!
Zoom lens on my camera :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Siding, Porch Columns -- November 19 -- Day 130

Things were pretty busy for a Saturday. A neighbor came by and cut some fire wood. The framers, who are almost done, worked on the siding and the porch. The electrician was there and we walked through the house planning all the lights and outlets. The HVAC guys worked digging some more trenches. Bryan cooked brats on the grill and fed anyone who would eat.

siding done on the south side  --  this siding looks really good -- I love the color!
It is James Hardie cement board siding in Mountain Sage.
siding is going on the garage and the trim is getting painted
working on the columns
stucco was done yesterday
more stucco
more siding

siding on the front of the garage
the columns take shape  -- I love the way these columns look!
the front porch -- awesome columns! Think how great they will look with the stone on the bottom!
this is the "car siding" that goes on the ceiling of the porch
it all has be too be painted before it can be put up :(

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ground Source Heat System -- November 15 -- Day 126

Some days I wish things were moving faster but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. I think everyone's calendars include holidays I don't know about.

There is a little more of the siding done and you can see 3 of the arches across the front.

The ground source heat system is coming along

The plumbing keeps moving along

And a few of the lights on the porch are laid out.

The fireplace was installed yesterday.

I was wondering how the outside vent would look. It is barely noticeable.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Birthday Party!

On Saturday, November 5, we celebrated Bryan's birthday out at the farm/building site. We had the party in the red shed and thankfully the weather was cooperative. It was too windy and too dry for a bonfire so we had to skip that, but we had about 60 people come by and celebrate with us.

the gift that keeps on giving

Monday, November 7, 2011

Siding and Plumbing -- November 7 -- Day 118

The weather is starting to change and it can be pretty cold out here when the wind is blowing. We have had some beautiful fall days, though. This was taken during one really beautiful walk. I scared up several deer this day as well.

The roof is on and the siding is on the upper part of the house. The plumber has been working on the inside and the outside. The HVAC guys have been out here some as well.

plumbing supplies

plumbing up in the trusses

basement bathroom framed in

septic tank is in

lines for ground source heat pump started

HVAC going in

The cabinet maker was out one day and we went over the kitchen cabinets. I spent a morning with the plumbing fixture lady and went over all the faucets, sinks, showers, toilets and tub once again. The fireplace has been selected and bought and should be installed soon. The electrician was out several times last week and we discussed all the power and light. I think we have 72 can lights!
 "One for every day that Kim Kardashian was married." 

We had a very big weekend with a big party -- mostly surprise party -- for my hubby and love of my life, Bryan. It was a great party and I do have pictures! But that will be my next post so watch for it!