Monday, November 7, 2011

Siding and Plumbing -- November 7 -- Day 118

The weather is starting to change and it can be pretty cold out here when the wind is blowing. We have had some beautiful fall days, though. This was taken during one really beautiful walk. I scared up several deer this day as well.

The roof is on and the siding is on the upper part of the house. The plumber has been working on the inside and the outside. The HVAC guys have been out here some as well.

plumbing supplies

plumbing up in the trusses

basement bathroom framed in

septic tank is in

lines for ground source heat pump started

HVAC going in

The cabinet maker was out one day and we went over the kitchen cabinets. I spent a morning with the plumbing fixture lady and went over all the faucets, sinks, showers, toilets and tub once again. The fireplace has been selected and bought and should be installed soon. The electrician was out several times last week and we discussed all the power and light. I think we have 72 can lights!
 "One for every day that Kim Kardashian was married." 

We had a very big weekend with a big party -- mostly surprise party -- for my hubby and love of my life, Bryan. It was a great party and I do have pictures! But that will be my next post so watch for it!

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