Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making the most of this beautiful weather

We've had so many absolutely beautiful days this fall. It has been great for getting things cleaned up on the land but also great for bonfires and cookouts. Chillier this week than last but still very beautiful.

We continue to tear out old fences that criss cross the acreage and Saturday while I was out of town, Bryan knocked down the old house. I wanted to be there but he was ready to get the job done. It is now a flat, 30x30 "stage" ready for a barn dance :) He and the kids and a neighbor have worked hard to stack up all the lumber and tonight we will start pulling nails. Since it wasn't really a house - just a shell, the lumber is in pretty good shape and he thinks with a little work we can have some good lumber for building a shed or workshop. I should mention that over the summer the kids used this building as a canvas for murals :) They were awesome - but alas, they exist only in photos now.

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