Monday, October 10, 2011

OCTOBER IS HERE & So are the roof trusses!

I love being out here. The weather has been so beautiful and we have been so fortunate to not have rain. I like sitting here in the house. It smells like fresh cut lumber and I can see all the way through every room in the house from where I sit. I can see clear up through the part of the roof and see the sky. I sat here a year ago in the grass and enjoyed the view and the quiet and today it is so different yet so the same. Beautiful weather, beautiful views. This year the sound of the wind in the trees is mixed with the sound of Tyvek rippling in the wind :)

October 3, Day 83: The roof trusses arrive!

October 4, Day 84: We continue to paint every day! Sometimes even by headlight!

Oct 5, Day 85: As the roof goes on, the house begins to change

October 7, Day 87: They had to bring in a crane to get the highest trusses up. It was a rather windy day so it was pretty eventful to watch.

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