Friday, October 19, 2012

Inching Forward to a Occupancy Permit

Well, I am not updating as often as I'd like. I am so busy and the internet out here isn't always working so great :(

We keep chipping away. The sidewalks are in. And the lawn has been reseeded.

The painters came and finished the touch ups indoors and out.
The front door is stained. It looks great.
Thank you, Olathe Painting.

The hardwood floors have had their 3rd and final coat.

The basement water damage is in the process of being repaired.

The decking is pretty much completed and the railing is coming along nicely!

We need the fireplace to get the hook up.
We need the heating system to be running.
We need our sump pump to be working.

The floor sanding leaves dust everywhere so I needed to clean everything again. I started cleaning upstairs at the top of the window trim and cleaned the entire upstairs, then the stairs and then started on the main floor. I spent the better part of 5 days cleaning dusty woodwork and walls and floors. I haven't even started on the basement yet.

Bryan took a couple of days off and we worked on deck railing and a few outlets we needed to get in. He also put in the light fixtures on the deck.

I went around and did some paint touch up and I put the sealer/enhancer on the slate fireplace. It looks so good! Emily and I did a lot of packing at the other house today. We have a lot to do there to get ready to move.

We scheduled an inspection for today but the inspector called in sick! So we are rescheduled for Monday.

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