Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moving Into A New Home

Well, the weeks have flown by and we have been very busy unpacking and settling in. We also have very poor internet. Slow and very limited gigabytes. Ahh, life in paradise  --  other wise known as the boonies. [so loading pictures like these can be tedious and use up precious GB]

Leaving the old house . . .

 - a mess in the new.

We celebrated our first holiday in the new house! Thanksgiving! My sister and her daughters were our first guests. Then on to Christmas decorating - which was fun - and then we had a quiet Christmas.

Now the Christmas decorations are down and we are starting to settle in to a routine. We had to say goodbye to our dog, Buddy, so we've had our first burial on the property in January.

We are painting the basement - another slow project - but it will look great when it is done.

So my plan is to try to get some good photos of each room to show how it looks now. The walls are pretty bare. It is difficult to commit to hanging things on brand new walls!

I will say that I wake up every morning feeling so happy to be here! I know this is only my temporary home, but whether I live here a short time or a long time, I am so blessed. I do hope that I get lots of opportunities for hospitality so if you need a place to stay or want to come by for coffee -- you are always welcome here! AND hopefully I get to throw lots of parties. I think this could be a great party house - so please let me know any ideas you have for great parties!

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