Monday, March 18, 2013

Missouri Can't Quite Shake Winter

We've had a couple of nice days lately. Warmer weather makes me very anxious for spring. We had a landscaper come out and talk with us about landscaping as well and that made spring seem so close. But the forecast is for wintry weather all this week in spite of March Madness. I realize I was too busy to post the winter photos so here is winter on Robinhood Lane.

One day Bryan and I went for a rideto the back of the acreage and checked out the winter wonderland. 
We saw lots of animal tracks and it was a beautiful scene. We did get stuck! Bryan got the tractor out and pulled us out.

In a more recent event, we discovered that not having a dog makes the geese come up closer to the house. 
It can be annoying to have goose poop on your sidewalk. 
But then the coyotes started coming up closer because they were after the geese!
We have had them come up really close twice now - both times around 10:00 am.
So, sadly for this coyote, it was his last attempt to catch a goose.

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