Friday, August 2, 2013

A New Friend, Huckleberry, Comes Home to the Farm

In January, we said goodbye to our much loved beagle, Buddy, so by March, we were ready to start thinking about a new dog for the farm. One Saturday morning Rebekah was scheduled to be on a float in an Easter parade, so while we waited for the parade to start, Emily and I went in to the local pet rescue shop. I should have known it would be impossible to get out empty handed. We immediately fell in love with a very quiet, sad looking fellow whose name was Newton. His foster family was there and they told us stories of what a great dog he was and how much they would like to have kept him but they already had 5 dogs. We called my husband and started the paperwork. It took over an hour -- and I had to run out in the middle of it to watch the parade and wave at Rebekah! But we came home with a new friend  --  and we changed his name to Huckleberry.

Huckleberry and Bryan
Huck is half lab and the other half they weren't sure about but thought perhaps Bull Mastiff. Some people have speculated boxer. He was born January 22 so he is currently six months old. He has grown ALOT.

[Thank you, Kelly G., for these two photos.]
Huckleberry loves to play in the pond . . . 

Play with chew toys . . .
Run through the grass. . .
Hang with dad . . .

Play in the sprinklers and swim in the creek.

He also loves to go for long runs/walks through the pasture with us.

Hiding under the deck with the shoe he stole from Emily!

Of course, he also does his share of typical puppy things  --  ie: chew things up  -- but all in all he is a very good dog. He is active but quiet. He seldom barks  -  even when we had six raccoons on the deck eating his dog food!

He currently weighs around 50 pounds. And the vet thinks he may top out around 80. At any rate, you are bound to see and hear more about Huck!

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