Monday, February 20, 2012

Insulation Begins -- Monday - February 20 - Day 223

Things have been moving rather slowly evidenced by my lack of updating, but they are starting to pick up.

The stone masons put on the rest of the capstones
but they still need to do some mortar.

The front entry with the caps on the columns.

A few things were finished up on the heating system and some more wiring was done last week including wiring for the TVs.

Bryan built this beautiful arch in the entryway.
(with Emily's help)

When I'm not sweeping up or picking up, I spend time walking around the house. . .
thinking about the blessings and promises of God.

We had our first measurable snow a week ago  --  about 3 inches.

Bryan and I brought the scaffolding in the house and put it up.

The insulation company started doing some insulation on Thursday and Friday last week and are still working on it this week. The orange stuff is fireblock and the white stuff is foam insulation
Orange fireblock in all the holes . . .

Lots of spray up in the top and then "picture framing" in the spaces below helps seal everything.

The insulation guy working . . .

and the boss man supervising. :)

We had our rough-in inspection last Friday and almost passed! We had a couple of things to get done and they were done by Saturday night and we will get a re-inspection tomorrow since today is a holiday.
Also, Bryan and our nephew, Kris, put up the skylight in the master closet on Saturday.

So while it doesn't seem like the most exciting month, we are progressing. We should get the insulation done this week and move on to drywall next week! 

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