Wednesday, July 11, 2012


One year ago this week  [it was a Wednesday, July 13, 2011] we broke ground on this house.  I was sure we would be in by now but as you can see, we are not. Things are progressing steadily but we won’t be moving in this week. Or next.

It has been quite a year.  Quite an adventure. We have learned a lot. About building a house, about people, about ourselves.  And in the end I have no doubt it will be worth the wait and the work.  We have had some fun along the way and we have met many interesting people.  And there is no question, the house is beautiful.

In the last week:
We celebrated the Fourth of July.
The painters have been working and they hope to finish up this week.
The garage doors were installed.
The tile installer has been very busy and has most of the tile installed and ready to grout.
Bryan started installing the deck boards on the porch.

The girls and I helped Bryan paint the basement ceiling and walls. I ordered more light fixtures. The template for the countertops was made.  And we had record high temperatures.
This is the thermostat on my dashboard.

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