Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2 - Day 356 - Working on a Little Bit of Everything

The woodwork is pretty much done. Stained and lacquered. It looks so good. There is some painted woodwork upstairs that they are working on now and then they will paint the walls. I am so anxious to see color on the walls.

It has been triple digit heat many days out here already, so working early in the morning and in the evenings is the best answer.  We are trying to work later in the evenings as well.  I don’t do too well in the heat.  Bryan can handle it better than I. He and the girls and Dylan all worked until after midnight painting the garage one night. I went home shortly after 11pm.  

We have also been working on getting the basement clean because we'd like to have the concrete floor stained. It is quite a chore getting all the drywall mud cleaned up.

Our tile guy started working this past week. He laid backer board and made the shower pans.

The tile should be delivered this week. I have spent many, many hours lately getting tile picked out.  I think I lugged home two dozen tile samples.

We have also spent time getting the counter tops picked out. We had a tour of a place here in town than makes granite counter tops.

I have also been working on getting all my light fixtures and fans here and ready to install. My living room is full of boxes.

And every few days I have some more cabinet hardware and door knobs to go pick up.

I still have a lot of things on my To Do List.  So I keep chipping away at it . . .
Sunrise this morning at Robinhood Lane.

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