Sunday, March 18, 2012

Farewell to the James Gang

Well, not really. Not Jesse and Frank anyway. But they are the gang that built the house. The framer and his crew. They've been around since August. A lot those first few months, and here and there the last few. Certainly around longer than anyone else. I think I said it once before: They came to a hole in the ground and left me with a house.

(This isn't all of them by the way.)

Here are some of the things they finished up this week:
They finished the columns around the back porch.

They built the screened porch doorways and deck posts.

 They also replaced the front door frame
since the lumber yard originally sent out the wrong one.
They may be around a few more times but I just want to be sure and say:
Thanks for building my house, guys!
You did an awesome job.

Some other things getting done this week include:
The concrete guys poured the slab in front of the garage

 and the patio outside the basement door.

This is Rebekah's handprint in the concrete

AND the insulation guys blew in insulation into the attic.

Everything looks amazing and I am ready to move in!
I even started packing this week :)
But we still have a ways to go.

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