Monday, April 9, 2012

DAY 272 -- Floor Heat, Recycled Sinks and Dirt Moving!

The past week has been slow again. Many days Bryan was the only one who worked out there! But we did have a few things happen.

I salvaged some old sinks from my grandfather's stuff. These sinks had been sitting out in the dirt for over 30 years! But they are such cool sinks I decided to see what it would take to save them and reuse them. I had them resurfaced and they look so good. Here are before and after photos:

The other thing that is coming along is the installation of the floor heat.

And Bryan has been busy moving dirt with the bobcat.

There was huge dirt pile here and it is completely gone!

We are having beautiful spring weather. It is so nice to spend time out here.
We had a beautiful sunset over the pond last night.
I love watching the geese and listening to the coyotes!

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