Saturday, April 21, 2012

Radiant Floor Heat and A Little Drama

The floor heat was completed and it looks really nice. Everyone is intrigued and stopping in to see what it looks like. We are all anxious to get it up and running and see how it works even though it will be some time before we need heat. It is a lot of intricate work that will not ever be seen because it all gets covered up by flooring, but it will be much appreciated on cold days.

They still have to install all this equipment in the mechanical room.

So, now that we have that done, we can put in the hardwood. But the hardwood has only partially arrived on the jobsite. Some of it is still on order. Apparently there is a lumber shortage. Building has picked up and supplies are not yet keeping up with the demand.

Hopefully, we have enough to get the kitchen done so we can get our cabinets installed. The cabinets were supposed to be delivered Tuesday. They were not. They started installing the floor Wednesday but barely got started when they hit one of the lines for the floor heat and had to stop. Yes, there is water in those lines. We called the HVAC guys who came back and repaired the damage today. Now we have to wait for the subfloor to dry out to continue laying the flooring. Hopefully this is the one and only time they have to do that.

Now we'll see if we can actually get the cabinets delivered. There is a war going on between two companies involved in these cabinets and we seem to be the collateral damage at this point. They need to get the issue resolved. It isn't our fault they are at odds with each other. I just want my cabinets.

I think there is way too much drama going on around here. Our daughter is currently rehearsing for next week's production of Disney's Sleeping Beauty and I have been working with the props. Believe me, there is as much drama going on with our house as there is in the theater. But in spite of that, I do believe that both companies have the integrity to resolve the issue and get my cabinets to me.
Also this week, Bryan put some backer board in the bathrooms and laundry room
so they can install cabinets in those rooms.

And I planted a few flowers out by the 'gatehouse.' 

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