Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 9, Day 28

Bryan and I met with the framer this morning. We have a few holdups that will keep him from starting until next week. Mainly that the basement floors won't be poured until Saturday. We had our first big storm since starting this project last Sunday afternoon. Delayed the basement insulation a bit but not much. Just coordinating everyone and everything is difficult. This is how a General Contractor earns his pay :)
Pink Panther has visited us

We have to order our siding - we are using James Hardie cement siding. We have it on our current house and are pleased with it. We are thinking of ordering it prepainted so I have been trying to choose a color. There are several options but it is not quite like going to the paint store and having hundreds of options. The lumber yard said they would get me samples of several colors to look at so I can see actual paint on boards instead of tiny squares on a brochure.

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