Sunday, August 14, 2011

DAY 32 -- God is so Good

I must stop and take time to thank God. We have been blessed to have things thus far go really smoothly and even though we have had several of our plans fall through, the alternatives – the changes we had to make, have all worked out great and may quite possibly have been a way better choice than our original.  I ask God continually to keep his hand on us as we work and make decisions and on those who work for us. I know there will be problems and challenges ahead. I trust that God will walk with us as we deal with each and everything we encounter, the good and the not so good.  And may the light of our faith in Christ Jesus shine to everyone we encounter.


Saturday, in spite of all the storms on Friday, we were able to pour the basement floor. The weather was beautiful. The concrete arrived shortly before 7am and by 8:15 they were done pouring. It took awhile to get it all smoothed out and now it looks great. The HVAC people stopped by to make sure that system was all still in order in spite of being buried in concrete. The plumber came out to set the drains in the garage and the flatwork people got everything ready for the garage floor to be poured on Monday. They have to get ready to pour the slab for the safe room ceiling as well and both the garage and ceiling have to be inspected by an engineer before the pour.

Moon set

Sun rise


One of the guys rescued this critter from a concrete grave


I am my beloved's and he is mine!

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