Saturday, August 6, 2011

Time Flies When You're Busy!!

I can't believe how many days behind I am now! I promise to TRY and do better.

After the forms were taken off, the plumber began working on getting the rough plumbing in. Truck loads of rock were brought in. Work began on the waterproofing, insulation and drain tile.

On August 2, day 21, I went out around 1pm to meet the inspector for the prebackfill inspection: drain tile, waterproofing, and ground rough. It was 110 degrees out! Everything passed inspection.

Temps have cooled some since then. Thursday and Friday Bryan took off work so he could do some things out there. Thursday morning we met with the truss designer. There is always several ways to do things and everyone has their preferred way. Some people backfill and then measure for trusses. The excavator says he prefers to have the trusses and the basement floor put in before he backfills; less chance of the walls moving. The truss guy doesn't want to measure until the steel beams are in because he doesn't want anything to move. So first we have the floor to pour - once we get the insulation and rebar and HVAC tubing etc. put down. Then we'll have the steel beams put in and then we measure for the floor trusses.

Looks like Stonehenge :)

I met with our lumber yard yesterday - went over the window specs one more time and ordered them. Then we started on the door schedule. Next week I have an appointment with the kitchen cabinet guy.

Rebekah and I went over to a subdivision and walked through a house that our framer just finished framing. It was fun to see it at this stage and I can't wait until our house starts really taking shape like that. Won't be long now!

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