Friday, August 12, 2011

A Rainy Week

Wednesday, Aug. 10, Day 29: Met the a cabinet maker. He looked over the plans and went over every room, not just the kitchen. He had some interesting ideas and was open to everything I told him I wanted. I am anxious to see what he comes up with and I just hope it is a price we can work with.

Thursday, Aug. 11, Day 30: Got the pricing on doors. They are expensive! I have to do some thinking about each door to decide what we really need to do. Also got the samples of the colors of siding. We are using James Hardie cement siding and would like to get the prepainted siding but really didn't want to choose based on a small square in a brochure. I think we have a winner!

The concrete flatwork guy is putting down rebar and the HVAC guy is putting in the tubing for the floor heat this week. We have had some rain this week and it is keeping things from getting done as quickly as possible. Hopefully we get everything done soon because the floor is scheduled to be poured tomorrow.

Insulation, rebar, tubing

Basement in moonlight

August 12, 10:30am -- storm on the horizon - I thought I would mow at the farm but it didn't happen!

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