Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 440 - Just When You Thought You Were Making Progress: Waterline Breaks

Wow  --  another setback. You can't really tell from these photos but we had a water line break in the master bathroom. We left the house shortly after 10pm and shortly before midnight ADT was calling. The water got into the basement ceiling and set off the glass break alarm in the basement. Thank the Lord it did. The water all ran down into the AC duct  -- none of it got on the hardwood floors!! We are so fortunate. Bryan and I spent the rest of the night (early morning hours) vacuuming up water then cutting open places in the basement ceiling and walls to let it dry out.

The plumbers came first thing the next morning and they are going to get it all fixed.
They will have to replace part of the AC duct.
I'm disappointed in the setback but it could've been so much worse. 
We are praising God for that.

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