Saturday, September 22, 2012

Plumbing, Propane and Satellite Connections

Everyday something gets done. Sometimes it is not much but it is something.

This week we got some more plumbing done - and we passed the septic inspection done by the health department!

The propane tank was set and the lines run.

And I'll have to get some pictures of my kitchen in the next blog entry
because we did get the kitchen backsplash tiled, 
the globes put on my Schoolhouse Electric lights, and the appliances all installed.
I do have this picture of Bryan installing the range hood.
None of the appliances were super easy!
 It seems we ran into some kind of weird issue with every one of them.

We also got the DirecTV and the internet working thanks to our tech pros from Audio Innovations.

We have a system called Control 4 that lets us access our TVs, lights and speaker system etc. from our computers and phones.
But we had to go with satellite internet which seems pretty good so far.
The big drawback is the data limit. No streaming movies, music etc. for us.

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