Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shower Doors, Satellites, and Hurry Up and Wait

The waiting game is really killing me. I have done pretty much all the things on the To Do list that I can do (except the ongoing job of cleaning). Now it is just a matter of waiting on everyone else!! I push people to get out here and then half of them don't show up and the other half is wondering why I had them come out here early! The people managing part of this is pretty tedious.

The shower doors were delivered last week. They were actually a little earlier than promised! They look great.

The Direct TV and WildBlue (internet) satellite's were installed last week. But since we aren't moving in yet, they don't have all the equipment set up yet. (They could've waited a week - maybe two - but who knew?!)

We are waiting on the plumbers. And the painters. And we are still waiting on a couple of doors. And the cabinet company still has to come back to install hardware. And the tile guy needs to do the kitchen backsplash. And . . .

The trim carpenter came on Labor Day to finish some things up only to find the wrong things had been delivered. They don't fit. Aahh the joys of construction, right?

But we did get the appliances delivered last week (not installed, just delivered) and the central vac company and the security company should be here this week to finish up those systems.

Bryan has worked almost everyday on wiring and/or decking. It is moving ahead slowly. The end is in sight. It really is. But these last few weeks are what is really going to do me in. Every minute that no one is working just stresses me out! And of course no one, NO ONE, is anywhere near as anxious to get all this done as I am. Of course I have a mountain of cleaning to do. Everyone keeps asking me about the cleaning crew. Sorry - no crew - just me. Rebekah and Emily helped a little on Saturday, but basically it is just me. And after all this construction, things are pretty dirty. I just keep telling myself, "this house will never be this dirty again."

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