Sunday, September 9, 2012

Building Progress: Toilets, Central Vacuum, Security

Celebrate the little things, right? So I am celebrating - we have some toilets that flush, some faucets that work, central vacuum that works and all the cabinet hardware on.

On Labor Day Bryan and I worked on finishing up a few things and getting conduit ready for the security system, then we had a cookout.

On Tuesday, September 4, the central vacuum installer came out to finish that system up and he found that he wasn't getting enough suction which meant we had a leak somewhere! Bryan and I poured over pictures from before the drywall was up and figured out where all the pipes were.

Then Bryan dug into things to find it. Not pretty.

That feels like we are going backwards!!
Good thing I have been procrastinating on the fireplace tile!

But he found it and Friday they repaired it and it all works great now. And wow, is there a lot of suction in this system! Be careful with children and small animals.

Wednesday and Thursday the guy from ADT was there and got the whole security system all hooked up.

Wednesday night the plumbers came and worked until about 10:30 to get some toilets and sinks hooked up but they are not done yet. And Thursday the painters were also there doing touch up.

This is the one of the shower doors that were recently installed.
 So all in all we keep moving forward. And sooner or later it will all get done.

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